Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long time, sorry.

Life has been hectic. Sorry for the big lull between blog posts. My MIL's computer wasn't letting me log-in to blogspot so Scott had to run spy ware, etc and clear mostly everything out of the history and cookies so I could get on. Such a sweet husband!

They started building our house!!! I am so exicted. We went out to the home site yesterday to sign some papers with the builder and we decided to look at the lot while we were waiting, and they have layed out the boards where the house will be! The next step is to lay the inder-ground plumbing. They will have to get that inspected and pass and then they will poor the foundation. I think I will start going out weekly on the weekends to take pictures. Sorry I don't have a picture of it now, we weren't expecting anything to be on the lot yet. We also had our pre-construction meeting while we were there and they said weather pending the house will be built in 90 days! That means we could be in before Christmas AND BEFORE baby!!! I am soo excited.

Our house in TX is back on the market. We had an offer on it yesterday, but we laughed at it and told them no way. We have had quite a few showings so that is good, hopefully something will come up soon since they have started the other house!

I have my 14 week appt next week. I am so excited, we will be in the 2nd trimester on Saturday! In some ways the time has flown and in other ways I remember it all. I am not as sick as I was. There are still some foods that make me gag, or looking at them makes me go "nope no way." Hopefully that will stop soon! Root beer has become like crack to me, it is crazy! Thank goodness A&W is caffeine free and not made w/ artificial sweetners so I can have as much as I want!! I also found this caffeine free pregnancy tea that is really good to drink! I put sugar in it and it is great! I bought it at Fry's (It's a grocery store here in AZ, not an electronics store. They are owned by Kroger).

We now have Arizona driver's License's. Along with the Xterra and the Ranger have AZ plates and registration. Scott and I spent 1/2 the day friday getting all of this taken care of. We only have the Jetta left to do, but my TX registration doesn't expire until October so I will do it then. I was very sad to get rid of my TX driver's license. I had the most kick-ass number, it was easy to remember! My AZ drivers license doesnt expire until 2048! Apparently I will be 60 something by then....scary thought.

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  1. Be careful. The cops walk around and ticket any vehicle without AZ plates sometimes. You're required to get them almost immediately upon living in AZ, even as a student.

    Glad to hear the house is going up very well. Best of luck selling the old one. :)