Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have a Belly Button!

Landon's Umbilical Cord finally fell off yesterday! We are so excited b/c now we can give him an actual bath, and along with his circ being 99% healed we can use baby wipes when he messes. I am definately glad we chose not to go the cloth diaper route. We only had to use wash cloths when we had to change his diapers and it was such a hassle.

Also for those that don't know yet, please put Landon in your prayers. We found out earlier this week that he may have a genetic disorder. It came back abnormal on his newborn genetic screen. After a horrendous time trying to draw blood (ended in him getting stuck 9 times...TWICE in the head, him crying, me crying, and Scott mad) they are going to ship his 2nd screening to Dallas and use the blood from that to hopefully rule out that he has any of these problems at all. If he does have this disorder, Fatty Acid Oxidation something or other, It is the easiesly controlled by diet and medicine. It is also the mildest of all the Disease's and Disorders that they screen for. The Pedi said that there is over a 50% chance that he doesn't even have it b/c they set the false positive rate high to make sure they catch everyone. Please pray that we are one of these false positives. We will find out the results later this week. Until then Landon is on the medicine they use to treat it just in case, they didn't want to waste any time with it. If he doesn't end up having this problem the medicine won't harm him so it was a win win situation.

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  1. Yay! Post some new pics, I want to see how big he is getting:)