Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house this past Sunday. Landon got some good loot. His basket had pacifiers (gold in our house), some socks, and a new rattle! We also had Grandma, Great-Grandma, and our friends The Evans' over for Easter Dinner. We had a really great time, and enjoyed watching Matt and Daphne play Wii for the first time. They played for the whole night, it was very entertaining!

Landon's first Easter basket. The Easter Bunny left it on the Island in the Kitchen along with a basket for Big Brother, Zach. The Bunny didn't leave Mommy or Daddy out either they got some candy too!

Landon with his Easter Basket and all dressed up for church!

We also had our first experience with our Bumbo chair last week. He'll sit in it for about 5-7 minutes before he starts fussing. Practicing sitting up and holding your head up at the same time is very hard work for a little guy. Landon is doing great at it though...it will be really soon when he has his head up full time. I am also expecting him to start rolling from his back to his tummy any day now! He is half way there...he will roll onto his side and stay there for awhile, and then roll onto his back again. He can even roll onhis side and stay there in his sleep! I think we are going to have a side sleeper.

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