Friday, April 24, 2009


I had my wrist surgery on Wednesday morning. It went great, the whole thing only lasted 22 minutes. They didn't use any anesthesia just this stuff that puts you to sleep enough that you can't feel and/or tell what is going on. I went in for surgery at 8:15 and we walked out of the surgery center by 9:45, and we were home by 10:30. I was only interested in staying long enough for them to get my vitals, and then I wanted to come home to my baby boy. Our Doulah, Carol, kept him for us while I was in surgery. He showed her how he could roll over!

I am feeling pretty good. I won't lie I am in pain and wish I had a litle bit stronger drugs b/c picking up a 14 lb baby only irritates it more. But, Scott has been great at helping me and so has my MIL who is staying with us. I was able tot ake my bandages off today and take a shower. This always makes me a little queazy, which it did but it looks great. I have 2 stitches that are under the skin. I wrapped it back up after my shower so nothing gets in it that could infect it, and I just didn't want to look at it all day! Hopefully the pain will go away soon, that's the worst part.

In Landon news, he can now roll from his tummy to his back. He has only done it once, but he did it! I am sure with a little more practice he will be rolling all over the place!

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