Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, I am the only one with a "major" injury from our car wreck. I had my hand in Landon's carseat w/ my wrist resting on the plastic that surrounds the actual seat part when we were hit. I always sit like this when riding in the back seat w/ LP...which is my permanent riding place until he graduates to a car seat that doesn't take up as much room in the car. Well the impact caused the tendon's in my wrist by my thumb to swell and they are now popping off a piece of bone that the tendons are supposed to go under normally. It is called DeQuervain's and let me tell you it hurts like heck. So I will be having surgery on the 22nd. I will be on very light duty with my arm for 2 days and then after that he said to just over compensate with my left side which I am already sub-conciously doing to avoid the pain. It will be local anesthesia, so that it good it won't make me as sick. My MIL will be staying with us for awhile and our Doulah, Carol, will be helping out with Landon and will watch him for us the day of surgery. Life just stays interesting at our house huh? At least the other drivers insurance has to pay for all of this...even Carol since we wouldn't need her if we wouldn't have been and caused all this mess.

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