Monday, April 6, 2009

SAHM that is me

Well since Landon does have this disorder I will be a stay at home mom until at least the end of next winter. His schedule, feedings, medicine, etc is way to much for people to handle, and he is not allowed into a daycare until the aformenioned time. So, I will be going back to school to get my MBA in Human Resources online while I am at home with Landon. It is something I have been thinking about since before I was pregnant. I do not like my chosen field of work, and I am really glad that I decided to work in it before spending 2 more solid years in grad school for it. So, I am getting every thing together and ready to start school in June. I am excited about it. It will be 1 class a month for 12-16 months. And by the time I get done Landon will be allowed in daycare and I can find a job much more easily...and hopefully the Economy and the job market will look much better.

In other life happenings Landon and I are getting used to our routine and schedule a little more. I am still completely wiped out from lack of sleep. I am lucky to get 4-5 hours a night. Poor Landon for every feeding except the last one of the morning I am having to wake him up as well. But by the time I get him back to sleep, and myself done running the errands around the house to put the formula back in the fridge, get his medicine in the bottle of food for when he has to take it next...yeup that's right he has learned to spit and/or drool his meds out the other side of his mouth so I must now mix them in a 1-2 oz bottle to make sure he gets it and drinks the entire bottle so we know he got ALL the medicine. My life is pretty hectic right now. And this does not include the 1-3 times a night I have to pump b/c with only being able to nurse him every other feeding I get engorged and wake up like I did this morning with my shirt soaked in milk...not fun.

I also currently ran out of one of the formulas in his mix of things that make the formula he actually eats (2 types of Rx Formula...can we say $$$, prescription MCT oil, and 35 oz of Breast Millk mixed in a's nuts). I have emailed the nutritionist, but have not heard back from her, so I guess I am just supposed to nurse him until they can get me some once I run out of the bottles of formula (I have about 2-3 in the fridge)...? I have no idea hopefully they will get back to me about it today. So, this is our Monday :o)

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