Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Mothers Day!

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day thanks to the boys in my house! On Saturday morning Scott made me his famous French Toast. It is so yummy I could eat it everyday, but I would weigh a bazillion pounds. Then on Sunday we went to church, and they had brunch there. It was pretty good, but French Toast was way better! Then on both Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Scott worked really really hard to get my garden going. He put in hours of work...our soil out here is really rocky, he dug up this massive boulder with the pick axe, it's nuts. We are almost ready to lay the chicken wire so the dogs and local Jack Rabbits don't eat my plants. I am really excited about my garden, my goal is to grow most of my own baby food veggies. We will see how it works out though. I will post pictures once it is completed. I am so thankful to have such wonderful guys in my life. We had a great day spending time together and Scott even grilled out Kabobs for dinner...yumm.

After such a wonderful weekend I will leave you with some pictures!

Landon and Mommy hanging out on our 1st Mother's Day.

Landon and Mommy being goofy with the Camera. I think he was more mesmerized by the flash.

Like my new hat mom? It looks jut like the one Daddy wears all the time, except his is always on backwards.

Hanging out in my high chair at Dinner. I like to be at the same level as everyone and play with my toys since Dr. Couchman has not given the go ahead for cereal yet. Mommy is hoping he will say o.k. at my 4 month appt on Friday!

Look Mom I have feet, and they are so much fun to play with!

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