Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 Months

Landon is 4 months old today! My how time has flown by since he got here. He is doing so much, it is really amazing to us. He is rolling over both ways so quickly now that if you blink you might miss it. He is also constantly playing with his feet or sticking them in his mouth to eat. And what is super amazing is twice now when we were holding tissue boxes he will actually (slowly) pull a tissue out of the bow and then drop it. He is going to be one smart kiddo I tell you. He is also trying so hard to crawl that if he could manage to get his knees under him and his arms up a little more he would be off and running. We are so amazingly blessed to have our sweet baby boy. I love watching him grow up and learn new things right in front of me. Tonight we get to try Rice Cereal for the first time. I am WAY to excited about this, and cannot wait for Scott to get home so we can get Landon all set up, the Camera ready, and see his reaction to solid foods!

Here are some of our favorites of the Pictures I took of him today for his 4 month old shots:

Always has fingers in his mouth, but he is not teething yet.

Looking like a little man sitting on the Love Seat!

Watching the puppy dog, he thinks they are really fascinating creatures to watch and sometimes pet.

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