Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures Today

So everyone loves pictures, especially of babies! So, I thought I would leave you with a series of pictures today. Landon has his 4 month check-up with Dr. Couchman (our Pedi) tomorrow, and I am really hoping he will clear us to start rice cereal. I will update tomorrow when we get home about the appt. Landon's blood draw yesterday went well. I told the lady she had 1 chance to get blood from him, and they got everything that they needed! Success finally :o)

Quick funny story: While we were in the waiting room at the lab yesterday to get Landon's blood drawn, my MIL came with us and she had a box of tisssue in her hand. Well apparently tissue is some really cool stuff b/c Landon successfully reached for and pulled out 2 tissues from the box! It really was neat to watch! He is grabbing for everything now and it's amazing to watch him learn about different that Mommy's glasses come off when he grabs and pulls at them! Anyways, that's my neat Landon discovery for the day. So, without further ado here are our most current pictures.

Hello! Want to join me in playing on the floor? Mommy and Daddy do and it really is alot of fun!
Feet are the best part about playing on the floor...Mommy says some day really soon I will discover that I can put my feet in my mouth! I wonder how they will taste?!?
I also love to roll over and look at everything. It's a whole new perspective on life when you are on your tummy.
I actually really love Tummy Time now...Mommy says I don't scream anymore like I did when I was really for all those mom's to be it really is worth it! Mommy also says if I can figure out how to get my legs under me I will be crawling in no time!

And when I am tired, Mommy lets me sit on the couch with her. Here we are chillin' at Grandma's house on her nice cushy red couch! My hair almost matches the color!

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