Friday, May 22, 2009

Adventures in Rice Cereal

Well on Tuesday, May 19 2009, Landon had his first taste of solid foods in the form of Rice Cereal. He wasn't quite sure what to think, but I think he was more leary of the foreign object entering his mouth, the spoon. For the first 2 days he would jump every time you put the spoon in his mouth, but as of today he seems to have made peace with the spoon, and we are successfully getting more rice cereal down the hatch then all over himself and me. Or at least so it seems. We have tried Brown Rice cereal so far, but tomorrow we are going to try regular rice cereal. I have also bought Barley cereal, but our Pedi says not to give him anything except rice cereal until he turns 6 months old, so we will follow what he says.

Here are some pictures of Landon's first rice cereal experience:

First bite.

It's going in...see how there is more on his face, than actually on the spoon. We missed the first time, oops.

"Ummm...Mom, what exactly is this stuff? Are you sure I can eat it? Is that Spoon really necessary? I don't need one for my milk."

It makes a really cute go-t don't you guys think?

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  1. Those pics are so cute! I love how they just stare at the spoon like "Hi, I am Emma Kate. Who are you?"