Monday, May 4, 2009

Geneticist & Nutritionist

We are headed back up to Phoenix tomorrow to meet with Landon's Geneticist and we will finally get to mee Melanie our Metabolic Nutritionist. She and I have talked a ton over the phone so it will be nice to finally put a face to the name. We were accepted into the program to help us with our formula, Dr's appts, etc. So we are really excited about this b/c it will help out alot and because I am literally on our last can of the freebies we got from the formula company. I am assuming the Geneticist will do a check up on Landon and then explain to us his specific case of VLCAD and what is means for us and him throughout his life. We are so very thankful that he has the mildest form of the disease, but I am ready to know exactly what all is involved with it. And then with Melanie she is going to let us know what Landon's diet will look like once we move onto solid foods (and baby food), and things he can eat regularly, occasionally, etc. Scott and I are ready for some answers on all of this. The last time we met with the Geneticist it was mostly general information about the disorder b/c at that time we weren't even sure that Landon had the we are ready for more detailed information on Landon's specific case. I will definately update the blog with the information we recieve when we get home tomorrow.

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