Friday, May 9, 2008

Scott's headed to AZ

Scott left for Arizona this morning. I expected to be bummed about it, but didn't think I would be holding back tears. He took the big dogs with him, and it's just Boomer, Zach and I.

The hardest part of it is not knowing exactly when I will be able to see him again. I am hoping the lady that said she was going to put an offer on our house this week comes through. We are supposed to hear back from her realtor today. If she makes an offer and we accept we would be moving right after school gets out and exactly when we wanted too.

I am going to try and keep myself busy while Scott is gone. I am going to start walking 3 miles every night while Scott is gone to get back to my wedding weight, so I have something to keep me busy also.

Kelly just called and asked me to lunch and to hang out with her. She rocks. She knew Scott left today and I would need some company/companionship. Friends are what get you through things :)

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