Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cleaning w/ Zach

Today Zach and I are cleaning the house to make sure it looks great if someone comes and looks at it today. The one up side of Scott going to AZ is that he took Harry, our Husky, with him so there will no longer be clumps of hair to vaccum and sweep everyday.

Zach and I are getting along great. We split up the household chores this morning and they went alot faster and we had a good time talking while we did them. I think Scott is totally wrong about us not being able to get along. To quote Zach this morning "Hey Regan, We get along alot better when my dad is not here, do you notice that? I wish he could see it."

I am a little worried about Boomer, my dog who stayed behind with me. He has been moping around since the big dogs left, and I think he is confused about what is going on. He is being super clingy to me and Zach.

I still haven't heard back from the realtor about the lady wanting to make an offer on our house. I hope they call back today or before Monday, I am getting antsy to know if that lady will make an offer.

My dad called and invited Zach and I to go to the Taste of Addison this afternoon. I told I would be there and if Zach wanted to come he would come with me. I think it will be alot of fun, but has the possibility to get expensive. They have lots of food, bands, rides, etc. But, like the state fair they charge you an arm and a leg for everything. It will be fun though!

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