Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Mothers-to-be, and Mom's of Angels like myself. Hope that everyone has a great day.

I cut Boomer down last night with the clippers. He was really hot and he had a TON of hair. It's kind of funny, but I feel bad also. Apparently he didn't hav as much hair on his back as he did on the rest of his body. When I went to cut it with the clippers it cut the hair really short and now he looks like he has a few bald spots on his back. So I had a doggie bandana and put it around his neck so you can't see the "bald" spots. I will leave the bandana until the hair mostly grows back. I feel so bad, but it's funny at the same time.

The realtor called yesterday about the lady who said she wanted to make an offer on the house. The lady is waiting for some paperwork from her job that she gets on the 15th, and then she will move forward on making an offer on the house. I am excited that she will come through and buy the house. We have people coming to look at the house this afternoon, so that's a good sign too.

Scott went looking at houses in AZ yesterday and I think he found a few that he really liked. He called and asked if he could put an offer down when he was ready w/o me seeing it. I told him yes, b/c of course I trust his judgement. I am happy to get a new house and decorate it ourselves!

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