Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chillin' at home!

Zach and I aren't doing anything too exciting this weekend. We are just hanging around the house relaxing, which is nice for a change. Today we are pet sitting Rex, our friends dog while they are out, and he and Boomer are having a blast together! I am glad b/c last time we kept Rex, Boomer passed out as soon as he left! And I know Boomer misses the big dogs so it is nice for him to have another dog to play with instead of only humans!

I am going to spend a few hours studying for my licensing test today (*yawn*). I need to get started on it even though it's over a month and a half away. And I will take a trip to Target to get some groceries for Z's lunch this week and a few other things we have run out of! Maybe I will be able to take a nap (doubtful).

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