Monday, May 26, 2008

Boomer & Aaron

I came to my dad's office today to use his computer and study for my AZ licensing test while we had 3 separate Realtors showing our house. I am excited about all of the showing. Please pray that something comes out of them. I have to leave for AZ the last weekend in June to make my OB appt on the 30th. I am hoping that we have a contract on the house or better yet have it sold by then and be closing on it.

I brought Boomer with me to my dad's office so he wouldn't be in the house with the people coming through, and they wouldn't see anything dog related. He and my littlest brother, Aaron, are playing on the floor in one of the offices at my dad's. It is really cute and funny. It took Boomer a little time to warm up to Aaron (of course) but now that are goofing off. It's hilarious and cute. Shh don't tell Aaron!

My dad is going to lunch with a client at Rockfish (Aaron and I's favorite place to eat around here) and we told him that we wanted to go, but we would eat at a separate booth. So Aaron and I will get yummy lunch, but not have to sit throught the boring accounting stuff, Score!

Not much else going on today. I was able to sleep on and off until 9:15 this morning, but I did have to get up at least 4 time to pee during the night, that's going to get old real quick! But everyday I wake up I am a little more nauseas, which sucks for me but it's good new for Baby!

Oh! Scott and his mom went looking around some furniture store in Tucson yesterday and Scott said they found a chair that was bright pink that had the name "Addison" monogrammed on it and he and his mom about collapsed. For those that don't know Addison Jane is our front runner for a girl's name right now and Myself and Scott's grandma are certain we are having a girl! Bev offered to buy the chair when we find out for certain it's a girl!! Woohoo!!! That would be sooo cute. Scott also found some stuff online and at Loew's for a Puppy themed nursery. I really want to do the puppy theme it is really cute and we are HUGE dog people, and we could use it for the next baby since it will be basically uni-sexed! Everything is falling into place, I just can't wait until the 12th when I get to see the baby and the heart beat!

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