Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 Hour GD Test Results


The woman OB at my practice said I passed without even the slightest inclination there was a problem!! I am so excited. There is no way I could have given myself shots, checked my blood sugar, etc. Scott said he would have done it al for me, but I am so relieved we don't even have to go down that path at all :]

Landon looked great. They say he weighs 3lbs now, which I can definately tell. He packs way more punch when he moves around, kicks, etc now than he used too. We are 29 weeks now! We recieved information on how to count fetal movements, we are to do this in a quiet place for at least 1 hour each night. I am going to do it after dinner, that is usually his most active time of the day.

I was relieved to know that he is doing well. We had a tough week last week and so far into this one. I woke up Sunday morning with the worst ear pain I think I have ever experienced in my life. We went tot he Minute Clinic at the CVS by our house, they said I Had "Swimmers Ear". Translation: Out ear Infection. So we got drops for that, pain, etc. And all was good right? WRONG. Sunday night the pain drops did nothing, and I was up all night either crying or trying not to climb up the walls b/c I was in so much pain. So Monday I get an appt w/ our Family Doctor (all this time this is only in my left ear), she says it's a really bad infections, gives me Tylenol w/ Codine (this has saved my life and sanity), and an oral antibiotic. I take both and go on expecting some relief...Nope...It now starts in my right ear. So I call the docotr this morning tell her my right ear is now doing the same thing, the pain has not become any better, my left ear canal is still swollen shut, and not they both itch like hell. So yeah I have Thrush in my Ear Canals from the anti-biotic I was on for the impossible to get rid of Sinus Infection. So now i have to go pick up this powder stuff to put in my ears twice a day, and I am still living off my Codine & Tylenol every 5 hours (OB ok'd it as well). I hope this brings some relief. Who knew you could get Thrush in your Ear Canals from an anti-biotic. Got to love the pregnant body I guess.

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