Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

We had a really good Thanksgiving this year. We went to Scott's Grandma's house and had dinner. Scott made the Turkey and as usual it was amazing even with the oven having turned itself off, and we found it when we woke up. We then headed to Phoenix and went to game night at Cat's house. It was a blast as usual! I am bummed that we will not be able to make the trip for game night around New Year's. Starting at 34 weeks we are not allowed to travel more than 1 hour away from the hospital.

We didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but we wanted to make a short list of things we are thankful for: family, great friends, our dogs, our kids (and that this pregnancy has been healthy), and each other.

Today was the first Black Friday as far back as I can remember that I did not get up and go shopping at 4 a.m. I just did not have the energy to do it this year. Fighting all those people at 8 months pregnant did not sound fun. I was however able to get the one door buster deal I wanted. Circuit City had their door buster deals online yesterday and you could buy them at the door buster price. So I was able to get the one item I wanted w/o having to fight all the crazy people. I feel weird not having gone shoping, but I am so tired from just regular activities I can only imagine. I promise I will be back out there next year!

We also hung out with our good friends Gary and Maria. We met them at the Science Center in Phoenix and had a blast. Gary is going to be Landon's God-Father, so we wanted to make sure we saw them before he was born one more time. Thanks to everyone who hung out with us the past two days we had a blast!

Also, please pray for a quick recovery for my friend Amanda today. She had to have surgery, so I wish her a speedy and painless recovery.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving!
    Post some new pics soon!

  2. It was great to have you all here : )