Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hospital Tour

We went on our Hospital Tour today. I was really excited to go and see exactly what the birthing rooms, recovery rooms, and the nursery looked like. I was really quite impressed. They wouldn't let you take pictures so I can't show you until we actually have Landon. But the rooms are really big and spacious. The baby warmer was a little scary b/c it had all of these tubes and things coming out of it. I know they are necessary b/c they have to have them in case anything were to happen. They had the delivery room all set up, and they had the hat they put on the babies is WAY littler than the ones we have found at the stores, it was cute. Unfortunately though we were not able to see the rooms w/ Jacuzzi's b/c there were women delivering in that part of L&D.

We had a lecture part too which was very informative. It told us the rules for visitors, pictures, delivery room, etc. My favorite part was when they gave us a list of things to bring with us to the hospital..that will be very handy. I am thinking about packing the bag soon just in case we were to go early, we would not be scrambling too much.

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