Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hospital Bag...Packed

Well except for a few minor things like Colace (need to go buy some), Combos for Scott to snack on, and Popsicles to eat during labor. But, of course the popsicles I cannot get until closer til' and definately can't put them in the bag until we leave for the hospital. I feel like I'm in Kindergarten again b/c we have to write our name on them, ha ha.

I asked my sister today if she would come and be with me during labor and delivery and afterwards. She is going to try but of course it depends on air fare and also when Landon decides to make his debut. I really hope that she can come out. We are really close and she would be great company. It would also help to have someone that could stay with me so Scott could check on the dogs and be with Zach also, although I don't want him to miss the birth so that would be more after he was born. My sister always makes me laugh, so she would be great during Labor! Please pray that she will be able to come out and be with me, I have no family or friends out here and I miss her so much.

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