Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, yes it is official I have the pregnant waddle. I have had it for a few weeks, but honestly refused to accept it. Well today when walking back to the car with Scott from looking in a store, I saw my shadow. There is no more denying that I waddle.

Not too much else going on this week. I have a dr's appt Tuesday and I am looking forward to seeing how my little man is doing. And of course Turkey Day! It is my favorite Holiday. Especially this year, I have been craving Thanksgiving food for weeks! We are going to go to Scott's grandma's house for Dinner and then head to a friends house in Phoenix for Game Night. I am excited about going to Phoenix b/c that means I get to go shopping!!! Phoenix has more of the stores that I am used to in Dallas!!! I hope I find alot of good stuff on sale. I have some good ideas on what I want to get people, I just hope it works out!

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  1. I hope you all enjoy a safe and HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!

    Remember our troops away from home in your thanksgiving prayers.

    Be Well,