Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bummed about Crib

We found a crib we liked a few months. It matches the bedding, the theme in the house, etc. Well we went to Babies R Us yesterday to buy our Travel System (stroller and car seat together). It was their anniversary so they had 10% off everything in the store. We had coupons for 20% off a single item (I had 4 coupons). So we decided to order our Crib and Changing table/dresser (It would have been over $100 off!). We told guy which one we wanted and he looked it up ont he computer. Come to find out it is an older model, probably why it was cheaper than the others, and it is being re-tested for safety standards. They will not know if they will be getting anymore in stock, etc for at least 2-3 more weeks if at all. I am really bummed. I really like the set that we picked out and it was affordable. The next price on cribs, dressers, changing tables jumps at least $100. I guess we were not meant to have that set, or it is God's way of telling us to wait and soemthing better might come along. We will see. I have been looking all around and all of the other ones are so dang expensive. Wish us luck!

Well, now that I look up the crib company to try and show a picture of what we picked out I found out that alot of their cribs have been recalled for major safety problems. Here is the website: . So I guess it is a good thing we were not able to get that crib for Logan. I just wish there was something out there that was price comparable for a convertible crib!

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