Wednesday, September 17, 2008

22 weeks!

We are on the downhill side of pregnancy now. I am getting anxious to get into our house, get everything set up, and for Landon to get here. We have 18 weeks to go!

I am struggling with sleeping lately. Being a stomach sleeper I am having a really hard time adjusting to sleeping on my side. Scott bought me a body pillow which has helped b/c I can swing my leg over it, but I still cannot get comfortable. I literally lay in a position until I am so tired that I just happen to fall asleep there. Then I have to get up at 3X a night to pee and switch sides I am on (my sides get sore) and hope to fall back asleep eventually. It's an endless cycle. It is by far my only complaint currently. I really feel for insomniacs now.

We started Child Birth Classes last night. It was alot of fun, surprisingly. The class is very talkative which makes it that much more enjoyable. My favorite part of the night was when Scott compared the ligaments of the Uterus (when they stretch out) to a brown paper lunch sack. Everyone laughed, and he didn't realize h had said it out loud until we were laughing! It was also amusing to watch the instructor have the guys to the pelvic, back, and wall squat exercises with their wives. Scott got to try out the birthing ball too :o)

Here are some belly pics from this week. He is growing really fast now, the difference from 18-22 weeks is amazing. The pj pants I have on are Scott's and I can't even button them all the way up anymore and I have to roll up the bottoms so I don't trip. Guess it is time for me to get some new comfy pants.

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  1. HEY! It's Amanda from SFA! Congrats on your marriage and baby boy!