Monday, September 29, 2008

We bought our Travel System!!

I am so excited. We bought our Travel System for Landon on Saturday. We had planned onm buying it when Scott got paid last week, but when we went to Babies 'R' Us to ick it up we didnt know that we had picked the best day to buy it. We already had 20% off coupons for a single item in the store. They expire on my birthday so we decided to use them on something big so they would be worth while. Armed with coupons we drove to the other side of town (to the really big BRU that has alot more than the little one on our side of town), we arrived at BRU and it was PACKED with people. We just thought we picked a popular day to go shopping...nope. It happened to be the anniversary for the store so they were giving 10% off on your purchase. Woohoo that means in total we would save 30% on our stroller! So, we went and got it off the shelf, put it in the cart and of course looked around some. They were having a fashion show for Halloween, Zach got alot of coupons for free stuff at Chick-fil-a for spinning the prize wheel, etc. When we went to check out we found out that all in all we saved almost $60.00 on our stroller. Score! Those of you that know about them...those suckers are NOT cheap. We are proud of ourselves and our stroke of Good Luck!

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