Thursday, September 25, 2008

23 weeks & Happy Birthday Scott

1 day late!

I was not able to post yesterday b/c it was Scott's birthday and I was running around picking up cake, making one of his favorite dinners, etc. We had a good time. We had our annual Baskin Robbins Chocolate Ice Cream Cake for Scott's birthday. I got a big one so there would be some left, I don't think it will last long though. Scott really likes his cordless DeWalt tools Zach and I bought him, and he got one of those spring looking water hoses from his Grandma for our new house! I hope he had a great birthday!

We made it to 23 weeks yesterday! I had my OB appt. I met with the Nurse Practitioner and I realy like her. She spent an hour answering my questions about birth (which there are plenty of), and then we heard Landon's heart beat. It is really funny b/c he hates the doppler machine they use to listen to his heart. Usually he runs from it, but yesterday he was kicking it so hard you could see it from the outside.

We decided to try for the traditional delivery and then if he is big or something needs to be done then we will go for the C-Section then. I made them aware of my refusal for Pitocin (it is linked to the cause of Autism) and they agreed that unless it was totally necessary and I was no where near delivering at 2 weeks late they would break my water to "induce" labor instead of using Pitocin. I also told them that Forceps and the Vaccum are an absolute no with Scott and I as well. Besides the fact that they are grabbing their brain when their skull is soft, if they are used wrong or slip, etc the can cause Cerebral Palsy. It's amazing what you learn by reading and educating yourself (some of this I learned in my college classes b/c of my special ed training for speech). I feel alot better after talking to them. I am still really nervous about birth, but hopefully the classes we are going to will make me feel better.

We have our first walk through with the house this morning. We get to see everything before the dry wall goes up. I am excited.. I will post pics when I get home.

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