Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We are having a Baby...


No doubt that he is definately a boy!

We had our Big U/S today. I was floored and I think Scott was too that we arehaving a boy. I was positive it was a girl, but I could not have been more wrong if I tried! We are really excited about it! He has all of his parts (see pictures), his heart looks great, his brain looks great, no neural tube defects, and no signs of Downs! He weighed 12 ounces (Big Boy). He was long and active, the tech had some trouble getting a few of the pictures on the first try b/c he kept moving around so much. He was also measuring a full week ahead so they might move our Due Date up a few days!

I am ready to go out and buy stuff and pick out definate things now that we know for sure!

His name will be Landon, but we do not have a middle name yet. I will update you when we pick one!

Landon's Profile Picture. You can see his nose, lips, ears, and part of a hand if you look closely.

This is a picture of Landon's face looking at you. It looks a bit like Halloween to me. You can see his eyes (the circle is the lense of the eye), one hand, the nostrils, and the opening to his mouth!

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