Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3D Ultrasound & 35 weeks!

Well today marks 35 weeks, and we had our 3D Ultrasound. My MIL went with me since Scott couldn't take anymore time off of work b/c of the move this week. It was amazing to see his facial features and other parts in 3D :o) I cannot decide who he looks like, but I think he has Scott's nose for sure. We did get confirmation that he is a boy (see picture). So I will start removing tags and washing clothes this evening! I have definately started nesting. Along with the Ultrasound we recieved alot of pictures of the images they captured, a DVD of the Ultrasound so Scott can watch it when he gets home, and I got to pick out 2 pictures and they gave me 5X7's of them...ALL FOR FREE!!! Since I won the contest! I am so glad I entered, and won otherwise I wouldn't have all this neat stuff. I did take the pictures to target and print extra copies for my dad, MIL, and Scott's Grandma. I think it is something they will enjoy having!

As for me, I am still feeling pretty good. I think I over worked myself yesterday at the house. I was able to put up Landon's Crib & Dresser (with help from a friend!), and then I put the Pack-n-Play, Bathtub (yes required assembly), Swing, Bouncer, and Tummy Time Mat all by myself. As well as helping Scott with some of the ceiling fans, making the bed w/ the baby stuff, and starting to organize Landon's other stuff. I am really sore today so I will definately be taking it was easier at the house tonight. The movers come tomorrow :o)

This is his face. You can see his eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. The cloud at the top, is the Pacenta. They said that they hang around it b/c it is really warm and where they can hear your heart beat the best.

This one is his face also, but he has his arm across it. He wasn't too into letting us see his whole face for a long period of time. The u/s tech put the words on the screen. It is funny b/c his fingers look like he is doing the punk/rock symbol!

This is confirmation that he is a boy. The arrow shows you for sure!

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  1. CUTE! I can't wait to see pics of him very soon!!!!!