Monday, December 29, 2008

L&D Visit

Yeup we were in Labor and Delivery last night. I was contracting on and off all day, didn't think much about it until around 7:00 p.m. when they were starting to get consistent and I could really feel them in my spine. We tracked them for over and hour and they were consistently 7 minutes 20 seconds to 7 minutes 30 seconds apart the entire time and Landon had been really quite and not moving much yesterday. So, we called the doctor and they had us head in.

When we arrived at L&D they did the usual, pee in a cup, change clothes, hook you up to monitors, ask ?'s, etc. All the fun stuff. His heart beat was great, and he looked great. I was contracting but not near what they should be for "real" labor and delivery. They did an internal (yeup, that was fun) and we found out that my cervix is still completely closed. Landon however is at -1 station (see more info below). He is completely ready to go. I knew that he had dropped, but i did not realize how far down into my pelvis he had descended.

They did send us home after monitoring him and I for about an hour. They said we did the right thing by coming in. Next time they said the contractions should be painful enough that I cannot walk or talk through them and be consistent. When I talked to the doctor this morning he said that he would rather us come in a little early and walk the halls, then wait too long. Especially since we are about a 30-45 minute drive from the hospital. They also told us that he will be here in 3-3.5 weeks max with his positioning, we just have to get me dialating and effacing. So we are now on Landon watch!

Birthing Stations Info:

It's a video, and a explains it really well with animation. If you think it would bug you to watch an animated baby's head descend through the pelvis, then please don't go out to the website!

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