Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick Update

So I am at my MIL's visiting so I decided to do a quick update! We have moved intot he house and are about 85% done with un-packing. Landon's room is completely finished and waiting for him to arrive. We have taken pictures w/ the camera I gave Scott for Christmas and I promise to post them as soon as we get internet at our house!

Landon news...he has definately dropped, I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs. The pressure is un-real, but I am super excited b/c it means he should be here soon! I have been having random painful contractions both in my back and uterus, so they are saying it could be any day now! We will see though...anyone want to take a guess at what day will be Landon's Birthday?

We had a great Christmas and hope that everyone else did too. It was nice and quiet, which was a relief b/c next year we will have an 11 month old at Christmas!! We also had snow at our house yesterday. Yeup that's right, snow in Southern Arizona for 2 hours! Only about 1/4 inch accumulated, but still was really cool to see cactus covered in snow. Again, I have pictures and promise to post them when we get itnernet (very soon!).

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