Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Sister is Pregnant!!!

I am so excited that my sister is pregnant. She is round about 13 weeks, and I couldn't be more excited for her and my Brother-In-Law, Matt. I have known for a little over a week now! I had to wait for her to tell the rest of the family before putting it in my blog, since they have access to it! My dad is going to be a Grandpa twice this year! I cannot wiat to see if they are having a boy or a girl. At their NT scan the other day, the technician said it looked like a boy, but it is way to early to tell. I'm going to have a Nephew, and Landon will have a buddy, yay!! Looks like not only will I be in Dallas in March with Landon, but also in May to attend my sister's shower. And everyone was worried I wouldn't come and visit.

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