Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The House is Ours!

Here are some pictures of our house. We get our key on Monday!

Front side. It faces nearly due east to due west.

Rear shot. Our yard is just over 90' long, 20' feet deep at its 'narrowest' from the corner of the porch to the fence. It is about 45' from the corners of the yard to the corners of the house.

Our great room as you basically walk in the from door. Ignore the ugly 'chandliers'. We are replacing them with our own iron lights.

Our (ie Regan's) kitchen. Corian counters, stainless appliances, staggered cabinets, and the backsplash I picked out! Yea!

Ignore the soon to be replaced light.

A close up of the wood our cabinets are made of. Scott thought it was a neat pic. The wood is called Knotty Alderwood

TV room to the main part of the house. Kitchen is on the right.

Bathrooms are neat. Brushed bronze fixtures and trim, alder wood cabinets, cultured marble counter tops.

Sink. Just in case you couldn't sleep without seeing it up close.


  1. It's gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to move in and decorate!

  2. Now that's what we are talking about :)

    Ditto on the "It's gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to move in and decorate!"

    Glad you will be able to get situated before Christmas and of course... the baby.

  3. Girl, I love your house! BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see pictures with your furniture in it!