Saturday, December 13, 2008

I WON!!!!

I recieved a call today from a company here in Tucson that does 3-D Ultrasounds. Apparently sometime in October I entered a drawing to win a free 3-D Ultrasound and I won for themonth of December!!!! I am so excited!! We weren't going to get a 3-D because they are pretty pricey and our Doctor doesnt offer us another Ultrasound before Landon is born b/c everything is going perfectly and he is looking amazing. I was a little bummed, but had learned to live with it, but now I get to see my little man, and all his features!!! I scheduled our appointment for Wednesday at 9 a.m. (when they open) so Scott could come w/o missing alot of work. We are allowed to bring 3-4 people with us. So, Scott's mom and Grandma will be coming for sure, and if Zach does not have Final Exams in his classes this week then he will be bale to come and see Landon as well. If I could dance I would totally do so b/c I am so excited about this. I am sure they will try to upsell us some pictures or something, but I really do not care. Watch out on Wednesday afternoon for pictures!

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  1. Congrats!!
    That's so awesome, I hope they give you lot's of pics to post:)