Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Landon's Eviction Notice

Landon received his eviction notice at our Doctor's appt this morning. They said he looks great, he is in position, etc. They stretched me to 3 cm, which wasn't painful, but definately uncomfortable. I have been crampy ever since, but that's about it.

They decided to induce us if Landon does not decide to make his own appearance before Monday the 19th. Alot of factors went into the decision, but the main one is my ribs. For those who don't know for the last month I have been struggling with sprained tendons and muscles in my ribs on my right side. This is due to Landon's position, and the squishing of all of my internal organs up there to make room for him. They believe it is b/c he is long (they estimate him to be 21 inches long at birth) and doesn't have room to move anywhere else. Well to add to the spraining, his position has now caused bruising in my ribs and I have been in alot of pain for awhile now, and there is nothing they can give me for it except tylenol which has done nothing. They also decided to induce b/c since my last appt I have had daily headaches and swelling in my fingers so bad that at night alot of the times I can't bend them completely.

I am excited to finally know the date when I will get to meet and hold my son for the first time. I am a little nervous about the Pitocin though b/c I have heard that contractions on Pitocin are much more intense than natural contractions. I am also nervous about the needles involved, but that's just me b/c I am a needle phobe. But I will have Scott with me. My doctor did tell me that of all of her patients the red heads she has delivered babies for have all had quick labor and deliveries, even first time moms.

We will be taking the computer to the hospital b/c they have wifi, so pending how I feel either Scott or I will try to put up updates on the blog when we can. We will definately upload photos once he is born and everything has calmed down some.

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