Thursday, January 22, 2009

Landon Pictures

Allright, the wifi at the connection wasn't the best and it never uploaded the pictures of Landon, so now that we are home I will upload a few for you with the promise to do more later. It is almost feeding time so I have to go quick.

Landon right when he was born. No idea why the Doctor isn't smiling. The oxygen mask was b/c his heart rate had dropped a little right before pushing, so they had me use it to be on the safe side. It was actually nice b/c it helped take deeper and more concentrated breaths between pushes.

Scott holding him for the first time after they did his Apgar's (all 9's) and cleaned him up a little bit. We were both crying b/c we were so happy and it was such a real experience. As cliche' as it sounds going through birth with Scott by my side has made me love him even more, if that was possible. We created this together, went through it together, and it definately has brought us closer together as a couple, it's just amazing.

The first time I actually got to hold him. They paced him on my chest after he was born and I got to kiss him and hold his hand, but they had to take him back quickly to do all the tests and check his vitals, etc. My hand although looks like a war zone, I had so many tubes going in my IV it was un-real, and I had a "normal" birth except I was Group B Strep Positive and had to have antibiotics.

My favorite picture of him and I. This was taken the morning after he was born. We opted to put him in clothes that we had brought b/c the white t-shirt the hospital provided was really snug on him and looked uncomfortable, they are not made for almost 9lb babies.

Landon hanging out with Daddy in the hospital. I can't pin point who he looks like, but he definately has huge feet and big hands. His hair was kind of dark when he was first born, but it is turning more red everyday. I am so excited that he will be red headed, I just hope it stays and doesn't eventually turn brown.

Landon's weight. Scott and I both asked the nurse when she would reset the scale so we could find out how much he weighed. She looked at us and said "That is how much he weighs" and both of our jaws dropped. They had told us there was no way he would weigh more than 7 lbs. Ha Ha they missed bad.
Sleeping with mommy. This is his favorite way to sleep and cuddle. He is such a snuggler and I love it. I could snuggle with him all day.
Landon hanging out with Big Brother, Zach. Zach was a little timid to hold him, but did a great job. Unfortunately he has been congested since so he hasn't had much time to hold him alone, I am hoping this changes quickly.

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