Friday, January 2, 2009

We have internet

Woohoo!!! The guy came out today and set up our land line (getting cell service out at our house, is spotty at best), and the DSL stuff came from UPS. I am so excited, both Scott and I like to surf to relax, so it is nice to be able to do so again. Plus it's really hard to blog w/o internet access, and I wasn't able to pick up any wireless connections the neighbors might have had that I could "borrow" until ours was set up. I know alot of family and friends are watching to see if Landon has made his arrival yet through the blog, and now I can make sure they get the info on time :o)

Speaking of Landon, he has not decided to make his debut yet. We are thinking it will be soon, but really have no idea. I have a doctors appt on Tuesday so we will see if we have progressed any. I am really hoping that we have. I also need to talk to them about the excruciating pain in my ribs on my right side. They diagnosed me last time as having sprained muscles and tendons due to Landon's position, and refusal to "hang out" any where else. The pain has quickly become un-bearable and the tylenol they reccomended taking, does not do a thing. Hopefully they will have something I can take, or a solution for getting him here to relieve the pain.

Poor Scott is also in pain, he pulled or strained a muscle in his back the other day turning to pet his mom's Golden Retriever, Sandy. I think his muscles were/are so worn out from moving all of the boxes and other stuff constantly over the last 2 weeks that they finally had it. Please pray that he gets over this quicky. He is not able to take IB Profen, so he kind of has to stick it out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

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