Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nursery Pictures!

We finally have Nursery Pictures to post for you! Scott recieved a nice new camera for Christmas (b/c he has the best wife ever). He had to install the software, etc on to my computer (because for whatever reason the cd rom on the desktop sucks) so now that it is finally done here are the pictures of Landon's room.

Sitting in the recliner looking out of the room. The changing table/dresser would be to your right.

Standing next to the crib looking into the room. Scott's mom painted the boat picture above the Changing table years ago. The stuffed dog was Zach's and has since been moved else where in the room.

Standing in the door way looking into his room. Scott painted the letters for his name, and hung them up too. Can you see Boomer? He was so excited to get to be in one of the pictures :o)

Close up of Landon's crib. The bedding is Nautica's William Bedding. Scott ran out and bought it the day we found out Landon was a boy, and is what we have centered the boat theme around. The quilt will be removed once he arrives, until he is older.

Update on Progress: I have been really crampy lately, and have had alot of pelvic pressure so I am hoping that at our Doctor's appt on Tuesday we will have made some signifigant progress. Also for whatever reason tonight Boomer won't leave my side. He layed down in front of the bathtub on the tile while I took my bath, that is weird he never does that. I wonder if he knows something I don't? Guess we will find out here pretty soon.


  1. The nursery looks super cute! Now we just need Landon to come out:)

  2. Very cute! I love the bedding, that is one of my favs!