Saturday, January 24, 2009

Milk is in!

My milk finally came in yesterday! I am so excited, hopefully Breast Feeding will be much easier. We have been struggling a bit in this area, and it has been frustrating for both of us. We finally figured out that our latching problems were b/c my nipples are flush w/ my boobs. Easily fixable...we bought a nipple shield, problem solved...right? Kinda. We had to buy a new pump yesterday as well b/c my boobs were too big for the Lansinoh pump that we had originally bought. The Lansinoh pump was great, they just don't sell bigger felanges (the part your boob fits into) so we can't use it. Luckily my sister is pregnant and will be able to use it when her baby gets here in July. Scott went out and bought the Medela Swing pump. I have to say it ws like heaven witht he right fitting felanges. Medela sells different sizes and I happen to be an XL with my milk. I really hope my boobs go back down to a somewhat similar size to what I had before getting pregnant. My nipples have started bleeding from having to use the Lansinoh pump to help get my milk in, and the fact that Landon is like super sucker. So I sent Scott out for cabbage and I have cream and soothie gel breast pads that are wonderous. Hopefully they will heal soon and we can get this Breast feeding thing down well. I think both Landon and I will sleep better at night too.

On a side note: I totally love being a mom. I was a little nervous at how I would be, but so far it has come so naturally. The lack of sleep doesnt bother me, and the only thing I want to do is hang out with my little guy and cuddle up with him. It really is rewarding and fun, and I am so glad that we decided to have kids. It has definately brought Scott and I closer together and I love him more every time I watch him with Landon.


  1. Glad to hear all is well. Keep taking pictures:)