Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank You

I wanted to send out a heart felt thank you. I recieved a package today from a company in Georgia. In my package were the cutest and nicest burb cloths monogramed with Landon's name on them. Unfortunately the package had no sender information, just the companies information. So, to whomever sent them to us, thank you very much. We cannot wait for Landon to get here so we can use them. I will post pictures for everyone else once I figure out how to use Scott's camera.

Baby News: We had 3.5 hours of contractions that were definately more painful than BH and were consistently 4-5 minutes apart last night. The fun part...they stopped right as we were about to get up and go to the hospital. grr. Oh, well. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning so please pray for good progress. I am planning on asking them to strip my membranes while we are there, so maybe we can help Landon get his show on the road! I will update when we get home.

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