Wednesday, October 1, 2008

24 weeks!!!

Today marks 24 weeks! And Landon is now viable outside of the womb, with alot of help obviously. I feel really good now that I know that *if* something were to happen he could make it through. His new favorite activity this week is to turn full flips at around 5-6:00 in the morning. It is a realy cool feeling, and I love just lying still watching (b/c you can see it too) and feeling him move so much.
I think that my belly has doubled in size recently. He is growing big really quick. He weighs between 1-1.25 lbs already. Here's to hoping his growth spurt slows a little at the end!

We had birthing class again last night. Is it bad that when we are sitting there and they are talking about birth and the not-so-fun parts I feel way better when I look around the room at all the other pregnant women and go "ha ha you ladies have to go through this too..." That's probably not a good outlook, but currently the thought of giving birth (especially after watching the videos, and watching the lady squeeze the doll through the model of your pelvic bone) is freaking me out. They talked about the delivery of the placenta last night and had a fake model of one. After class Scott asked me if i wanted to go play with it. He's really good about joking around and keeping everyone (not just me) laughing in class, but no I did not want to play with the placenta. I have no desire to lay eyes on the real thing either, the thought of it is gross. It was funny though that the nurse said that some couples request to take it home and plant a tree with it. The first thought that came to my mind was "dog food" well yea and I didn't keep it to myself. I almost made Scott horf. I thought "dog food" b/c those of youthat know our Lab, Schwepps, would agree with me that the first thing she would do is dig it up and eat...gross, yes, but definately true. So, no Placenta tree planting for us.

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