Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amanda Tagged Me, So here we go...

I have been tagged to list 7 unusual facts about myself then tag 7 of you to do the same. Here are my 7:

1. For years I hated that I had red hair. I hated that it made me stand out from everyone else, all I wantd was to have "normal" hair color like blonde, or brown. Now I love my red hair and would not trade it for anything.

2. I am a very picky eater. My food cannot touch or I have to seperate it all before I can start eating it, I do not eat things if they look funny or odd to me. If I am in the middle of eating it and I decide something looks odd or funny to me I will stop eating it immediately and move on, or go hungry until later. I also do not eat things b/c of their textures. For example: Bananas are mushy, I do not eat anything banana flavored either b/c it reminds me of their mushy-ness. There are alot more, but I will spare you the list.

3. My desk, room, etc. may look like a disaster, but I promise you I know the exact location of everything that I need or want. I also know the exact locations of Scott's stuff and can rattle it off if he asks me where anything is. I was tested in Elementary School and again in High School, I was only 1-3 points off from having a photographic memory.

4. I hate to wear shoes. They drive me nuts. I live in flip-flops or sandals of some kind until it gets so cold, my feet hurt. As soon as I get home any sort of shoe I am wearing comes off. This is true also for long car rides, plane rides, and in class in college. I prefer to be barefoot, but socks are do-able.

5. I am deathly afraid of fish. I stepped on an Alligator Gar in a lake when I was younger, and it scared me so much, that I am now scared of all fish. Crazy b/c I love to Scuba Dive. As long as they don't get too close I am fine. I will not clean a fish tank, touch a fish if I catch it when we go fishing, I will not eat fish that has been cooked w/ skin on it, it must be removed before I will touch it etc. In fact the first time I saw a fish when I went Scuba Diving I screamed so loud underwater the group I was with all turned around. But, I loved my Beta Fish Lunch b/c he sat happily in a vase with a plant, and all I had to do was feed him.

6. I dress Boomer up for Holidays. Last year he was a chicken for Halloween, this year he is going to be a pumpkin. He hates it, but he looks so cute. I put the pumpkin costume on him yesterday to try it out and he layed down and refused to move untilI took the hat off of his head. I also put thej ingle paws on him for Christmas.

7. I Love to cook. It is a big stress reliever for me, and has a great reward. Scott and Zach never complain. I love watching food network to get ideas, and trying new things. I cannot wait to be in my house again with my own kitchen and kitchen tools to get back to cooking my way.

I also HATE to vaccum. When I had foot surgery at 16 and was on crutches for 4 months, my mom made me vaccum on crutches 2 weeks after surgery. Every time I would push the vaccum the bottom of my foot would hit the floor and make me cry. Vaccuming reminds me of that, so I will do anything to get out of vaccuming the floors.

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