Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Job Interview

I have a job Interview for an Inclusion Specialist for Speech today! I am excited about it and hope that I am able to get this job. It is at a High School that is really close to our new house :o) I just talked to the Principal yesterday when she called and she asked if I could come in immediately tomorrow (today) for an Interview. I just hope they don't discriminate b/c I am pregnant (I know they aren't allowed too, but alot of places still do). The school is year round, which would be a new experience, but it would give me 2 week breaks placed throughout the year to be at home w/ Landon, Scott and Zach. Please put me in your thoughts and prayers to attain this job. After the other company suddenly lost their contracts, and left me w/o a job a little over a month into it, this would be a great blessing.

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