Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Those are the results of my 1 hour glucose test for Gestational Diabetes. My blood sugar was143 and the cutoff is 135. I Have to go on Friday for my 3 hours test, which is not even what I want to think about at this moment. You go in to lab, they draw your blood when you get there, make you drink that horrible glucose drink (It is basically a water down version of flat Sunkist that is WAY too sweet) in 5 minutes, and then once an hour for 3 hours they draw your blood again. Some people may be thinkingthat's not too bad." Well if you know me and my fear of needles, 4 blood draws in 3 hours is toture. My MIL is being nice enough to go with me so Scott doesnt have to take off work again. I am just praying that I can manage to not pass out from the sugar high, but more importantly the needles. I was very dizzy after the 1 hour test today, I can only imagine the 3 hour test. Hopefully it will all go well. Please pray that I am not diabetic.

Dr's Appointment:

Went very well. We had all of questions answered, were able to hear Landon's heart beat for longer than 2 seconds. I think he was in a sugar coma too, b/c he usually assaults the doppler machine. We are now on the every 2 weeks plan for seeing the doctor, so it should start going quickly to the end. I am a little bummed b/c we wil not get another ultra-sound unless there is a concern about something. I was hoping to see the little bugger one more time. We also learned that after 34 weeks (7 weeks for us) they will "not do anything heroic" to stop labor.

Today also officially starts the 3rd Trimester!! I am so excited. We are in the home stretch and our little guy will be here shortly. We ordered our crib and dresser yesterday. We will be able to pick up at least the dreser on Saturday, and possibly the crib if it makes it over from the warehouse on time! We have all the big ticket items for Landon and managed through thriftiness on my part, to get what we wanted but saving alot of money in the process :o)

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