Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today I turn 25, or old as my brother told me this morning :o) I am officially 1/4 of a century old! I am excited about my birthday. I slept in, went to this really cool steakhouse place for lunch with Scott, Zach has a Cross Country meet this afternoon, and then we are going to dinner w/ Scott's mom and grandma! Then it is my favorite part and the reason I celebrate Birthdays...CAKE..YUMM. If you don't know me that well in real life I Love Cake. It is the entire reason I attend most weddings (and for my friends of course, but the cake is the highlight for me). My friend Heather told me when I got married that she wasn't going to miss it b/c "It's Regan's wedding that means the cake will kick ass." Yes, I Love Cake that much.

Thanks to everyone who sent e-cards and myspace and facebook messages! I am anxious to see what all will come in the mail, and next weekend when we go to Dallas! Scott bought me my diaper bag (I will post a picture when we get home from Dinner) and I am super excited about it. I also got a manicure and pedicure and that was so relaxing.

My mom hasn't called, but am I surprised? not really. The rest of her family has called and wished me a Happy Birthday so that's cool!

I will post pics when I get home!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day :)

  2. Well HAPPY Quarter century mark!!!

    Enjoy your day and the new year to come.

    Treat yourself... and the baby ;)