Monday, October 20, 2008

House Update

We have walls!!! Outside and Inside!!! I am so excited. They finally put the dry wall up, and the concrete and stucco on the outside of the house. Our guess for what comes next is either the roof (the tiles have been sitting up there for quite some time now, or painting the inside and outside of the house. I hope they get alot done this week and when we go "visit" on Saturday we will have a front door an a garage door. They are claiming only 8 more weeks until we can move in!! I am so excited :o) Here are some pictures of what was done.

The outside of the house while they were cementing it. They happened to be working on the sides when we got there.

Scaffolding used to put the dry wall up in the "great room." You can definately tell how tall the ceiling is in the "great room" in this shot. Scott was standing upstairs in the loft area when he took this picture.

Landon's Room with Dry Wall. He has the largest window in any of the bedrooms and it looks out the front of the house.

The Kitchen with Drywall. Look we have a pseudo island now! Before it was just boards. Once they add the coutners, and counter tops it will look more "island-y".

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