Thursday, October 9, 2008

25 Weeks!

Only 15 more weeks to go (In theory)!!. He has been doing summersaults, and they make me laugh b/c you can watch him do them from the outside. It feels really funny too, but I love every minute of it. He is supposed to weigh between 1.5-2lbs now! I can definately tell b/c he is getting harder and harder to lug around. I cannot wait to finally meet him and hold him, I am getting impatient even though I know he still has alot of growing to do!

At child birth class this week they passed around the Epidural needle, remember folks needles and I do not mix, you get one chance before I pass out. OMG That needle was HUGE! It looked like a Fountain pen. I am really glad that I will not be able to see it when they are putting it into my back! The nurse who runs the class was like "That's why they give you the Lidacaine (numbing) shot first, it doesnt hurt" So I piped up so these poor people don't frreak and I asked if anyone had had a Lidacaine shot, and 90% said no. I said "Well it's way better than this needle (epi needle), but it still stings a like bee when they do it." Class was interesting though, we got to see alot of the tubes, etc they use for labor, delivery, etc. Totally sold me on not wanting or consenting to Forceps use, they look like salad tongs! See Picture below:

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