Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Excited

The week has finally come!! It is only Monday though :o( We leave for Dallas on Friday and I cannot wait to go!! We will be going to the State Fair, and Ghengis Grill (oh, how I miss you), seeing friends from church, my family, and our super cool friends are going to the fair with us! And our Baby Shower is on Sunday. It will be a busy, but fun and exciting weekend.

I never thought I would miss Dallas as much as I do. I could not wait to get out of there, and now I am excited about going back. I must admit I don't think it is the city that I miss, I really like living in Tucson. I miss all the people that we left behind. I have been missing my Dad, Sister, and Brothers like crazy, Scott and I's good friends, and being able to call anyone of them at anytime and go out and have fun (at places that I have heard of and know about!). Tucson is definately an adjustment from living in a really big city. I have never lived in a city so small, the only other place I have lived in Washington D.C. and we all know that is not small. Being in Tucson will me much easier once we move into our own house, Landon is finally here, and we meet some people and make some friends to go out with. We have met some neat people in our Child Birth class, so maybe we can make some other parents of young kids friends with them. We will see though.

I am ready to go eat me a Corn Dog, Funnell Cake, and a big REAL Dr. Pepper. I wonder what fried concoction the fair has come up with this year?

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